May. 2020

Compared with structural steel, stainless steel and superalloy, titanium alloy is more sensitive to surface damage and defects. During the use of titanium alloy, there have been many fracture accidents, most of which are related to fatigue fracture. The fatigue resistance of titanium alloy parts is particularly sensitive to the surface integrity of parts. Therefore, the machining surface integrity and its influence on the service performance of parts are one of the most concerned topics for the manufacturers and users of titanium alloy parts.

Titanium alloy has excellent properties such as high specific strength, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is not only an indispensable structural material in modern aerospace industry, but also widely used in shipbuilding, chemical industry and other fields  At the same time, titanium alloy has low thermal conductivity, small elastic modulus and high chemical activity, which is easy to cause serious wear of cutting tools. It is a typical hard to machine material.


The new ultra fine grades AU8 and AU12 cover a wide range of mechanical properties and thus applications. Their optimised characteristics result from an innovative carburisation process. In addition to hardness and toughness, their resistance to both corrosion and oxidation as well as adhesion is vital when it comes to the tool’s performance. To round it off, an innovative binder composition – combined with excellent resistance to thermal shock – makes them usable for aerospace cutting applications.

Record-breaking durability

This combination of properties means that the new varieties do not simply work but score higher than conventional tungsten carbide grades in a core criterion for any metal forming tool: maximum tool life. “Many AU8 and AU12 solutions have already proven to have a significantly longer service life compared to tools made from conventional tungsten carbide materials. Our experts will be happy to discuss the right grade for your application at any time.

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