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Rising commodity prices, higher demands on process reliability and ever more complex product requirements: The automotive industry relies on highly productive, flexible solutions for their manufacturing process. This is what we offer to renowned tool manufacturers and suppliers.

Many tool manufacturers tend to apply replaceable head systems for rotating tools such as milling cutters, drills and reamers.  Due to our ability to hold tight tolerances we excel in manufacturing these replaceable head blanks.

In replaceable head systems, the shaft is usually made of steel, while the cutter is of high-quality, wear-resistant tungsten carbide.  This construction allows the use of different tool geometries on a single shaft type, reducing set-up times and saving raw materials.  Modular milling heads can reduce tool cost by one third compared to solid tungsten carbide cutters.

Using modern methods and the latest CNC machining centers in our preforming department, we produce precise, close-tolerance replaceable head blanks. Shaping grooves and cutting-edges or cooling channels and connection points, we can customize any tool to suit individual replaceable head systems.

The key to an accurate interface between the steel shaft and the replaceable head lies in the high-precision production of flat surfaces and threaded connections.  Preformed flutes enable our customers to reduce cycle times when they are grinding our replaceable heads.  They rely on our expertise and value our accuracy.




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