BTA & Ejector Drills

AG Carbide(DrillStar) manufacture a wide range of BTA single tube and ejector twin tube deep hole drills from Ø7.76mm through to Ø500mm, and larger as special application tools.

BTA drills are used on dedicated machinery where the coolant is induced through a pressure head and the chips are then evacuated through the centre of the drill and the drill tube. Tube dampers are used to support the drill tube and prevent vibration and distortion of the tube, and work steadies support the work piece if required.


Ejector drills are used on conventional and CNC type machines. They use an inducer to feed coolant between the inner and outer twin tube system with the chips being ejected through the centre of the inner tube. With CNC machines now utilising high pressure coolant Botek are able to offer alternatives to the ejector system.

Solid drill heads with brazed carbide inserts are available from Ø7.76mm to Ø65mm. These heads can be reground and re-tipped / re-coated but are considered a consumable item and therefore have a limited life.

Indexable inserted drill heads are available from Ø15mm upward and allow quick insert changes and on heads above Ø25mm the ability to adjust the cutting diameter.

Counterboring heads with indexable inserts are available from Ø28.5mm upward and allow holes to be bored out to larger sizes after solid drilling. As they use less power than solid drill heads, larger diameters can be produced on machines with limited power.

Trepanning heads are available from Ø55mm and produce an inner core that can be reused saving material costs.


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