High Performance Inserts

Having the right equipment for metalworking keeps your business competitive in your sector. With DrillStar inserts, you have access to the correct performance inserts for milling and cutting, including both positive and negative inserts. Our high-performance inserts give you precise and low-vibration cutting, allowing you to achieve true and consistent results every time.

Drillstar is an industry leader in insert technology, as we use strong tungsten carbide-based materials both to ensure accuracy and to extend the life of each insert we make. Whether you need high-performance C-, D-, R-, S-, T-, V- or W-style inserts, the Drillstar insert chart helps you to quickly and easily choose the optimal insert for each of your metalworking applications.


  • Turning tools
  • Drilling tools
  • Threading tools
  • Grooving inserts
  • Inserts for face milling cutter
  • Insert for milling cutter
  • Designing of new inserts with special geometries and high precison



Area Material & မာကျောခြင်း။ Details Insert Specification
Die & Mould Machining Hardness Up to 55 HRC APMT 1135 PDER M2
RDKX 1204
High Feed Milling Insert
SC End Mills Ball & Flat
Dia From 1 mm to 4 mm
SC End Mills Ball & Flat
Dia From 5 mm to 8 mm
SC End Mills Ball & Flat
Dia From 8 mm to 12 mm
SC End Mills Ball & Flat
Dia From 12 mm to 20 mm
Automobile Low   Carbon Steel Normal Steel Hardend Steel
TNMG 160408
TNMG 160412
CNMG 120408
CNMG 120412
WNMG 060408
WNMG 060412
WNMG 080608
WNMG 080612
VBGT 160408
VNMG 160408
CCMT 060204
CCMT 09T308
SPUN 120312 K68
Automobile & Aerospace Universal Grade MGMN 200
MGMN 300
MGMN 400
MGMN 500
Common Needs For All Type Of Industry Universal Grade WCMX 040208
WCMX 050308
WCMX 06T308
WCMX 080412
SPMG 050204
SPMG 060204
SPMG 07T308
SPMG 090408
SPMG 110408
Cast Iron Liners Hardness 285 BHN Max SNMA 120408
SNMA 120412
TNMA 160408
TNMA 160412
VNGA 160404
VNGA 160408

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