Classification Of Processed Materials And Selection Of Tool Materials

Class P

steel, steel castings. For example, ordinary carbon structural steel (code such as q235-a.f), high-quality carbon structural steel (such as 45 steel, 50 manganese, 20g, etc.), carbon tool steel (such as T7, t7a, T8, T8A, T13, t13a, etc.), the cutting brand generally selects w-co-ti alloys, such as YT5, YT14, YT15, yt15r, yt05, yt30, yc101, yc201, yc301, yc45, etc;(Chinese universal codes)

Class M

Austenitic / Ferritic / martensitic stainless steel (such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0cr19ni, 1cr17mo, 0Cr13Al, 3Cr13, 7cr17, 1cr18ni11si4alti, 0cr26ni5mo2), cast steel, manganese steel (40mn18cr3, 50mn18cr4, etc.), alloy steel (carbon steel containing Ni, Si, Co, Al, Cr, W, Mo, V, Ti, Nb, etc.), alloy cast iron, malleable cast iron, easy cutting steel (Y12, Y15, Y30, y40mn, etc.), The cutting grade is w-co-ti-ta (NB) alloys, such as yw1, yw2, yw3, ys8, YS25, ym101, ym201, ym301, yc201, yc201, etc; (Chinese universal codes)

Class K

ordinary cast iron, hard to machine cast iron (chilled cast iron, high chromium cast iron, high silicon cast iron), short chip malleable cast iron, generally using W-Co alloys, such as YG3X, YG3, YG6X, YG6, yg6a, YG8, YG8N, yd101, yd201, yd301, yd301, etc; (Chinese universal codes)

Class N

non ferrous metals and inorganic materials (aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, plastics, etc.), generally use W-Co alloys and cermets, W-Co alloys mostly use fine-grained and ultra-fine-grained alloys, YG6X, yf06, ym201, yd201, etc; (Chinese universal codes)

Class S

heat resistant high-quality alloys, i.e. superalloys (Fe based, Fe Ni based, Ni based, Co based, Ti based alloys, such as gh1015, GH2036, gh3128, GH4033, k211, k406, K640, TA2, ta8, tb1, TB2, tc1~tc6, etc.). In addition to Ti based superalloys, generally, w-co-ti-ta (NB) or W-Co alloys can be selected, such as ys8, ym201, ym301, YG6X, YG8, yw2, yw3, yd201, etc; Ti based superalloys should be W-Co alloys without Ti, such as YG8, YG6X, YG8N, yg6a. Ideally, ultrafine grained alloy grades should be used. (Chinese universal codes)

Class H

hardened materials (GCr15 quenched steel, Cr12, T12A, etc.), the traditional brands should be ym101, ym201, ys8, YG8N, yng151, etc., preferably cubic boron nitride blades. (Chinese universal codes)




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