Mixing The Powder

powder mixing

Quality starts at the beginning. Our standards are very strict when choosing our raw material suppliers. Only first-class, globally recognised suppliers that have been tested for years stand a chance with us. Especially developed grinding and mixing processes for more than 30 different carbide types are a warrant for consistent high material qualities, consistent shrinkage behaviourduring the sintering process and for high continuity of the physical values and the sintering accuracy.



Cold-isostatic presses and automated presses, block presses and high-precision CNC-controlled automated presses with varying pressing power enable us to to offer direct pressing even for difficult geometric shapes. The result is regular compression, it guarantees stable sintering behaviour and therefore a very strict tolerance conformity. Economic aspects are a positive side effect of modern automated presses.



Our real speciality is the production of special forms and shapes according to client drawings. And it has always been our speciality. Twenty years of experience in this area have left their mark. Today, satisfied customers around the world appreciate our performance in the production of custom-made products, and our competitors respect it. In the future, we will still focus our long-standing corporate strategy primarily on the market segment of special shapes. And we implement this strategy consistently.


carbide extrusion process

The manufacturing of carbides is a specialist branch of powder metallurgy. Work pieces made from carbides are not manufactured by means of founding but instead by means of pressing and sintering. The best known raw materials of carbides are WC, Co, Ni, TiC, TaC, NbC etc. Admittedly: This a very simplified explanation of our highly complicated manufacturing process.We are happy to provide more details in a personal meeting. Thank you for your interest.



All efforts to maintain an equally high level of quality find their confirmation in the final sintering process. The highest level of dimensional accuracy and tolerance conformity is the reward for our high quality requirements with regard to our own production.


carbide grinding process

Cemented carbide grinding is a very common processing method in cemented carbide production workshops. When grinding cemented carbide, improper operation or improper selection of grinding wheel can easily lead to over burning of cemented carbide surface or reduction of its toughness and brittleness due to high grinding temperature, thus affecting the quality of cemented carbide products. A Grade Carbide as a manufacturer with 15 years of experience in cemented carbide production and processing, let me briefly introduce what should be paid attention to in cemented carbide grinding.



One of the focusses of our quality assurance process is our continuous effort to improve the process engineering and to develop further types of carbide. In order to maintain our quality standard our batches and products are checked for their physical and technical parameters, assessed and measured metallographically, and only released if the customer requirements are fulfilled.