The grade of high temperature carbide is represented by combining letters and Arabic numerals. According to special needs, you can add English alphabets to the original carbide after the brand, such as indicating a specific process or specific chemical ingredients.

The prefixes use four Arabic numerals. The first digit indicates the classification number of the alloy; the second to the fourth digits represent the alloy number, and the insufficient alloy number is supplemented by “0”. “0” is placed between numbers and alloy numbers that represent the classification number. The choice of the classification number single and double number is determined according to the enhancement type used in the alloy. The first number of the first digit in the high -temperature alloy silk number does not have the meaning of the enhanced type, and the number of the transformed high -temperature contract number is used.

The queen of three Arabic numerals is generally used for casting high -temperature alloy prefixes; high temperature carbide, diffuse high -temperature carbide, and high -temperature materials prefixes of high -temperature carbide, and metal inter -metal compounds are used. Similarly, the first number represents the alloy class number, and the latter digits represent the alloy number.

For hardly processed materials such as high -temperature alloy, we have suitable for processing high -alloy steel, low -alloy steel, and cast iron. It is suitable for high -speed milling and processing. It is also suitable for mold manufacturing.

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